Drill Pipe Inspection

Lone Star Services offers our clients full pipe inspection, we are able to conduct on-site and in-house inspection.  All of our inspection technicians’ personnel have certification to ANST Level Il and meet DS-1 specifications. In addition we have certified Level III instructors to provide training and support our field inspectors.

Lone Star Services drill pipe inspection services include electromagnetic inspection (EMI) with continuous wall-loss measurement; wet and dry magnetic particle inspection; hardness and pressure testing; and A-SCAN full-body inspection.

Drill String Services complies with all ASNT requirements to ensure accuracy, reliability and quality.

Lone Star Services pipe testing verifies:

At the Box End:

  • Outside diameter
  • Shoulder width
  • Tong space
  • Counter bore diameter
  • Seal width
  • Bevel diameter

At the Pin End:

  • Inside diameter
  • Tong space
  • Neck length
  • Bevel diameter
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